TC2 – Info and Prices


  1. Morning deliveries within Edmonton: $6.70
  2. Afternoon pickups within Edmonton only: $7.80 (assessed only if driver has been to store already)
  3. Suburb pickup/delivery: $8.20
  4. Additional items: $1.35 each
  5. Please Note: waiting time charges will now be applied at the driver’s discretion at a rate of $45.00 per hour ($3.75 per five minutes). Rarely applied, we just do not want to hold up the drivers and their customers.
  6. Just as a confirmation, please remember that Team Courier Two drivers are route drivers. Jobs that are picked up and are not in the driver’s general area of travel of that day will be delivered the next day. It is not reasonable to expect a job to be done if it is to go across the city or requires meeting and swapping with another driver for these rates. If you do have such a rush job, please call the Team Courier office and we will arrange for a driver from our other division to do your job. Please note, however, that these rates are substantially higher as the job is guaranteed to be done in 2 ½ hours or less.
  7. Undeliverable jobs, e.g., no one at home, it will be attempted one more time and charged again at the same rate. Jobs can be left in a mailbox, if available, but only after approval of the store and that the store therefore accepts the liability.
  8. Lastly, our fuel surcharge of 9% shall continue unless the cost of gasoline jumps substantially again… and the cost does not happen to drop substantially, so will our rate.
  9. City of Edmonton bounded by 167 Ave, 17 St, Anthony Henday South and West.